A Portrait of You View

In a partnership with Creative York, 10 seniors from our Active Living Center and 10 students from our Charter School paired together to create a portrait of each other in Crispus Attucks’ first inter-generational painting workshop entitled “Portrait of You,” an abstract art form inspired by artist Pablo Picasso.

Creative York’s Director of Education Stephanie Holmes has recently started an offset program where Creative York staff visit senior centers in York to give youth and seniors the opportunity to express themselves creativity while co-mingling. Charter School Student Nashali Japa shared her experience: “Art is a way we all can express ourselves,” she said. “I like working with seniors.” She explained that some seniors don’t have the privilege of seeing their children and grandchildren. Therefore, an activity like this is not only a means of entertainment, but an open door for seniors to socialize with youth and simply have a good time. Nashali and her partner joked about who’s painting was better and ultimately switched paintings for keepsake.

This inter-generational experience was so inspiring to Nashali that despite her graduating and attending college for cosmetic dentistry, she has offered to come back to Crispus Attucks to continually participate in creative projects with the Active Living Center seniors. Robin Beatty-Smith, Active Living Center Director, agrees that this was a mutually beneficial activity for youth and seniors and will continue to engage the seniors in activities involving younger generations.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso

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