A Science Factory Experience

Our Early Learning Center students welcomed spring by taking a bus trip to the Lancaster Science Factory with their parents and teachers. With over 65 interactive workstations, they experienced an abundance of hands-on STEAM activities, including sound machines, magnetism, electricity, gravity experiments and more.

Pre-K Counts Teacher Mrs. Kelly recalls a life-changing moment for one of her students. 4-year-old Mariah had spoken very little, if at all, since the beginning of the school year. Her responses were much like a whisper. “Questions directed to her were met with a quiet stare, but no words,” explained Mrs. Kelly. Her along with other Early Learning Center teachers began working with Mariah over the course of a few months to encourage her to speak. Gradually, her voice became just loud enough that they could hear her responses from a couple of feet away.

“I was excited to take her to the Lancaster Science Factory because of all the activities they have there that involve sound,” said Mrs. Kelly. One of the activities was called the Whisper Dish, which reflects sound with two 6-foot round dishes facing each other about 50 feet apart. Mariah spoke into the Whisper Dish, and for the first time, Mrs. Kelly heard her talking loud and clear. She too, could hear Mrs. Kelly speaking back to her. Mariah was amazed by this scientific discovery and spent much of her time at this station.

“Just this experience alone made the trip to the Lancaster Science Factory worthwhile,” said Mrs. Kelly. The Lancaster Science Factory had marked much more than a learning experience for Mariah. She had finally discovered her voice.

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