Providing a hand up

We are a comprehensive non-profit entity that provides education services, human services, community development, and affordable housing that enhance the quality of life for a diverse population.


A thriving community

We envision a community that encourages, supports, and provides every individual with opportunities to achieve his or her full potential and improves the quality of life for its diverse residents.



We act with the highest level of moral character.


We accept and celebrate the differences between each other and realize the world is a better place because of our differences.


We treat others as we expect others to treat us.


We encourage each other to be our own providers by improving our skills and not relying on others for our basic needs.


We look for ways to ensure our organization is here to serve the community for decades to come.

Embrace the Change

We embrace the future, knowing we are equipped to move forward and face any opportunity or challenge presented to us.


We have over 85 years of history serving those in the York community, and we're still going strong! Founded in 1931, our association takes its name from hero Crispus Attucks, a freed slave and African American who was among the first to die in the American Revolution at the Boston Massacre. Since its foundation as a place for underprivileged children  to gather for educational and physical activities, we have grown into a multipurpose center offering a range of services for people of all ages, fulfilling its commitment to those in need from all backgrounds and walks of life.


Want to Learn More?

We're continually improving our programs and services to better meet the needs of the diverse population we serve.  One way we share these improvements and the positive impact they've had is through our annual reports. Check out our latest annual report for our year in review! 

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