Blanca Shares Her Talents

Blanca joined the Active Living Center (ALC) about 4 months ago after a friend’s referral, and has since become a huge asset to the program. She has amazing artistic talents and is bilingual; Spanish is her first language. Both of these characteristics have set Blanca apart as special to the members of the ALC.

Blanca’s bilingual abilities and her friendly go-get-em attitude have helped to grow the diversity and strengthen the community at the ALC. By distributing event flyers to local churches and marketplaces, she has helped reach new members for the ALC. Blanca was also a huge participant in the planning process for the ALC’s Annual Spanish National Day, which is celebrated each October during Spanish Heritage Month. She even made delicious Spanish food for the event.

In addition to her fabulous cooking, she helps the seniors with arts and crafts such as crocheting, painting, and designing t-shirts.  Blanca recently hand-painted a memorial tree in honor of past senior attendees of the ALC who have since passed away. “This way, we can keep them in our minds and hearts,” she said. Her goal is to increase creativity all around the ALC and promote awareness in the Spanish community. She ultimately would like more seniors to join the ALC to take advantage of the free nutritional, health and social benefits they have to offer.

Her favorite quote: “Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask, but when we are challenged to be what we can be.” – Morris Adler

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