From Apprenticeship To Career

You may recall a story we reported a few years ago about a young man from our Center and Employment and Training Program named Gert Frederick. Gert has been a part of Crispus Attucks since the young age of 12. The York City native would volunteer his time in the evenings to work with our maintenance crew under the direction of Finley Johnson. From age 15 to 18, he would assist in mowing lawns, and snow removal.

It was from that early age on, that Gert was determined to “work his way to the top.” He was introduced to our Center for Employment and Training, where he took an interest in the WAVE program, a paid internship program preparing youth for future employment. His hard work and dedication earned him a stellar referral into the Kinsley Apprenticeship Program. He was 1 of only 8 people chosen for this “learn and earn” program. “Although it was challenging, waking up, working with new people every day at different times,” Gert said, “It (ultimately) made life easier.”

After 3 years this past November, Gert not only successfully completed his apprenticeship with Kinsley Construction, a top leader in the construction industry, he was offered a full-time, life-sustaining career repairing roadways, concrete sidewalks and curbs, with the ability to “move up the ladder.”

Gert highly recommends our Center for Employment and Training and Summer Career Employment Academy to recent high-school graduates, or those who are close to graduating. He encourages seniors to “contact CET while you’re still in high school for proper job training.”

Gert is now married with 3 children (all girls) and 1 on the way. “My wife and kids motivate me” he said. Gert never gave up his determination to build a better future for himself and his family. If he can overcome a series of life’s challenges to make it to the top, surely, so can you and I.

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