Rising STARS Rev It Up!

Our Rising STARS youth enjoyed a recent visit from the York Revolution baseball team. Matthew “Grimey” Grimes, Robert “Romo” Morey, Josh “Judge” Judy, Telvin “T” Nash, and Jeffrey Rosa were invited to share words of encouragement with the youth at the April Kids Cafe event. By sharing their own life experiences, the York Revolution team players demonstrated how it IS possible to achieve “the impossible,” even when faced with challenges growing up.

Intrigued by their tall, athletic builds and official jerseys and baseball caps, the little ones listened intently as the players spoke of their positions on the team. Right-hand pitcher Jeffrey and outfielder Telvin spoke of their “inner-city roots” and the perseverance needed to succeed in high school and college. By working hard and staying focused, both players were recruited to join the York Revolution team where they can now play the sport they love every day. Jeffrey, who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, offered a unique perspective to our youth, explaining the difference in living conditions between the Dominican and the United States and the difference in how pro baseball is played.

The youth were full of questions, and many expressed a newfound interest in pro sports. As the players said their goodbyes, they handed each child their very own licensed Revs baseball cap to wear as a reminder that they can achieve anything they work hard towards.

These monthly Kids Cafe events are vital to the successful development of our youth. Guest speakers provide youth with encouragement, guidance, and important life-skills. Youth also learn about different career paths and cultures, expanding their worldview. “Although York appears to be a small town, there are great opportunities for youth to develop themselves,” said Rising STARS Director Phil Drayden.

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