STARS Learn Etiquette

The Country Club of York was gracious in welcoming several of our Rising STARS participants to one of their extravagant dining halls for an introductory course on dining etiquette.

Food and Beverage Manager Jess Hill introduced some proper techniques of dining, from a firm introductory handshake, to silverware alignment on a finished plate. She emphasized the importance of making good eye contact and greeting others with a smile. The youth were given illustration guides to show them how to properly align their place settings, while they awaited a delicious meal from the kitchen.

After receiving confirmation that the Tortellini soup did NOT in fact contain “turtle meat,” the youth enjoyed the hot soup along with Milanese chicken. They were careful to use the proper utensils for each dish, even the designated dessert fork for their chocolate cake finish.

The Rising STARS participants were then quizzed on the demonstrations Jess provided. Based on the pleasant outcome of this dining experience, Rising STARS director Phil Drayden plans to implement more etiquette classes as part of their weekly life skills training, in which the youth can practice at home and teach their siblings.

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